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myExpenses makes it easier and more convenient to keep your expenses in one place:

  • If you are a solopreneur, freelancers, or creative, you can use myExpenses to keep records of your business expenses and make filing your tax return easier.

Records you can keep

You can record:

  • expenses 

  • vehicle mileage

  • photos of your invoices and receipts.

Using myExpenses at tax time

Whether you file your own tax return or use a tax agent, myExpenses can help you keep your receipts

Throughout the year, it’s a fast, easy way to capture information on the go. When you are ready to do the tax return, you can:

  • email the data you receive in your inbox to your tax agent

  • print the expense reports from your inbox and give to your tax agent

Using myExpenses

Use the myExpenses tool to keep your receipts in one place and make doing your tax return easy:

  • Subscribe to the expenseright app 

  • Create your profile

  • Add your expenses

  • Add your mileage

  • Capture your receipts

  • Receive quarterly and EOYR (end of year reports) in your inbox.

When you are using myExpenses, select the       chat function at the bottom right of the screen for help.

Watch Tutorial

Create your account​​

In the app, click on "User" at the bottom of the screen. 

Select "Create Profile"

Add your Business Name, Business Owner Name, City and State, Telephone, Business Logo, Website, and Total Annual Budget. 

Capture your receipts

You can attach photos of your receipts by taking a photo or using an existing photo. You're not required to keep your original paper receipts as long as you've kept electronic copies that are a true and clear reproduction of the original. With the myExpense tool, you can take or add a photo of your receipt.


Photos must show the:

  • name or business name of the supplier

  • amount of the expense, expressed in the currency in which it was incurred

  • nature of the goods or services

  • the date the expense was incurred

  • date of the receipt.

We recommend that you regularly back up your records and keep a copy of the photos to substantiate your claims if needed.

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